Step By Step Guidelines On Designing Delivering A Designing Designing Dinners
Step By Step Guidelines On Designing Delivering A Designing Designing Dinners

Designing Dinners Trick

(307) 674-2460 This is a place to go!
You get the vibe and taste of homemade everything! You can eat there or take out to go! The specials are always unique and delicious, as well as regular menu items. The best part about this place is they make meals ahead of times and store them in the freezer. You can go in and read a menu of what they have. Mac and cheese is to die for!

I have no complaints about this place what so ever. The people who work there are amazing and friendly, service is always excellent and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a hearty, made-with-love, inexpensive place to eat! I like the concept. I also like the idea of ordering meals ahead of time for the week or the day to take home and warm up without the hassle of preparing it. While I’ve tried the former, I’m not sure it was enough to convince me to try the latter. Each day there’s a lunch special. This day, I opted for the sandwich special — a ham salad. Given the choice of a half or a whole, I picked the whole, thinking it would be the size of a small bun or two ordinary slices of bread cut in half. The bread was okay, but the ham salad didn’t have a lot of taste, unless you like salt and a lot of it. Along with the sandwich special of the day, I picked the side special of the day: Dill potato salad. This must have been a “dill” day. The dill potato salad, the ham salad on a dill bread and served with a dill pickle. But oddly, the only thing that had a dill taste, was the potato salad. Overall, salad was good, the sandwich was okay, obviously fresh, but didn’t really wow me. I might have picked the wrong thing, so I’d have to try one of the lunches again before I decide. There’s a lot of promise here so I’m hopeful the next time won’t be so middle-of-the-road. The employees that work here are friendly (well, except maybe for one of them who must have been having a bad day) and happy to chat, if that’s what you want as they explain the menu, what they do, and the entire order-meals-ahead process. Passing through and “yelped” this place as was near the Historic Sheridan Inn. Had the Tarragon Chicken sandwich in homemade bun–yum! Selected a side such of potato salad which was also good. Will be a solid choice for lunch. Driving through Sheridan and found this little gem for lunch. I chose a half sandwich so I could enjoy dessert. another awesome lunch! Today I had deviled ham sandwich on gluten free bread with a cup of homemade cream of mushroom soup (also gluten free). our glasses were never empty!! Our waitress was the best! Everyone there was really nice and friendly ! A wonderful place for lunch. The food is fresh and home-made, service quick and friendly , the atmosphere cheery and casual. I eat here whenever I come to town! My parents take me here almost every time that I come to visit. I enjoy that their menu is more than the standard sandwich.

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